Monday, August 18, 2008

Big Road Blues discusses their most recent radio program: "The most recent song on today’s show is Junior Wells’ “Trouble Don’t Last Always” cut circa 1969/1970. The song comes from Southside Blues Jam which is easily one of Wells’ best records from this era featuring longtime partner Buddy Guy along with Otis Spann. Spann’s rumbling, two-fisted piano adds much to this date and is his last studio recording before his untimely death in April 1970. Fittingly the album is dedicated to Spann."

Mac Walton has a very good post examining one of my favorites, harmonicist Little Walter Jacobs: "You see, Little Walter was the brotha who electrified the harmonica, transforming it from a back-up instrument to a solo voice, making it moan low or soar high into the stratosphere, like the greatest of instruments, making sounds the harmonica never made before. Little Walter was the brotah who identified in words and sounds what many African Americans knew but could not bring themselves to say: they had them "blues with a feeling" and those blues followed them every night and every day."

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