Monday, September 29, 2008

Big Road Blues has a fine examination of the Maxwell Street scene in Chicago:
"The Maxwell Street open air market was a seven- to ten-block area in Chicago that from the 1920s to the middle 1960’s played host to various blues musicians — both professional and amateur — who performed right on the street for tips from passerbys."
Destination Out writes up the new Anthony Braxton Mosaic set, complete with mp3's and a chance to win a copy:
"Which brings us to Braxton’s Arista recordings. Maybe in the context of the 1970s these recordings sounded overly daunting and complex. But today, it’s a different story. While still adventurous, many of these sides are instantly compelling, filled with unexpected drama and humor. There are moments of great beauty and recognizable nods and tweaks to the tradition. For all their conceptual headiness, they often deliver on that most rare quality: pure pleasure."
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