Thursday, September 25, 2008

Martin Taylor - Double Standards (P3 Music, 2008)

British jazz guitarist Taylor grew up listing to legends like Django Reinhardt, and eventually went on to perform with the legend's former partner, violinist Stephane Grapelli, before moving on to a successful solo career. This is a pleasant and enjoyable album of standards and familiar songs arranged for solo guitar. Taylor has impeccable technique, but he never uses it in a showy or boastful manner, but rather much of the album is quite restrained and his energy is focused on interpreting the song and it's melody. Particularly enjoyable are the Toot's Thielemans classic "Blusette" and a nimble and impressive "Drop Me Off In Harlem." Taylor has a patient and thoughtful way of playing ballads and the beautiful melodies of "Someone to Watch Over Me" and "I Fall In Love Too Easily" suit him well. This is a good album for reading and relaxing, it is thoughtful and well designed, and will no doubt be appreciated by acoustic guitar partisans.

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