Monday, October 13, 2008

Destination Out continues their fine run of Anthony Braxton posts: "Some may be surprised about Braxton's influences — Coltrane, well sure. And Warne Marsh is a bit of a curveball, though Braxton has dedicated various compositions to him. But Paul Desmond? The West Coast cool jazz dude who played with Dave Brubeck? Really?"

Big Road has posted an excellent read in the form of the show notes for their most recent broadcast: "We cut a wide swath today, tackling blues spanning from 1925 through 1980. The half-dozen tracks from 1980 come from the series Living Country Blues USA. In 1980 two young German blues enthusiasts, Axel Kuestner and Siegfried A. Christmann, came to America with the idea to document the remaining country blues tradition."

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