Saturday, November 22, 2008

Floyd Lee Band - Doctors, Devils and Drugs (Amogla Records, 2008)

Heavy, boogie laced blues rock is the order of the day in this band made up of veteran guitarist and singer Lee, guitarist Joel Poluck, and an uncredited drummer. The music is strong, bracing stuff, rock based but miles ahead of Pappa Chubby and the rest of the blues rock posers out there. "Empty Well" and "Think I Got Something' On My Mind" work well with intertwined rhythm and strong slide guitar sounding like a slowed down version of Hound Dog Taylor and the Houserockers. The band can be light and nimble too like on the back porch acoustic "Bird With a Broken Wing." They start to lose the plot a little toward the end of the disc with "Nella" and "Blues Is a Beautiful Woman" sounding a little generic and cliched. The bizarre "Lunar Landing" ends the disc by improbably melding blues with progressive rock, and clips of the actual dialogue of moon bound astronauts. I'm fascinated by space exploration too, but while I applaud the band's effort here, they can't quite pull it off as the track is overlong and out of focus. Still, most of the record is good and if blues rock is your thing, you could do a lot words than this.
Doctors, Devils & Drugs -

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