Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Andrew D'Angelo - Skadra Degis (Wayside, 2008)

With all of the attention focused on his recent health challenges, people may have forgotten what an excellent musician saxophonist and composer Andrew D’Angelo really is. This is a lean and mean trio session with Trevor Dunn on bass and Jim Black on drums in which the group makes blast furnace trio jazz, shown of any finery or ornamentation. The music found here is very exciting and the group plays very well together. The riotous “Gay Disco” ends the album with a blast of free-funk much like the music of Ken Vandermark’s much missed band Speceways Inc. "Bo Bee Bo Bee Bee" and "25 Hits" have wonderfully strong performances, combining the intricacy of modern jazz with the energy of free improvisation. "Fam Hana" and "Egna Ot Waog," ratchet down the intensity just a hair, but the interplay between the musicians and the interesting narrative of the compositions keeps the music fresh and alluring. I liked this album a lot, the free pieces were like a bracing kick to the head and the mellower music a balm for the soul.
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