Friday, January 02, 2009

Destination Out publishes an unusual best-of: "JAZZ, YA’LL: OLD WORLD: Mosaic’s Anthony Braxton “Complete Arista” set the gold standard this year. Fledg’ling reissues of the first few Brotherhood of Breath albums, plus suppressed Chris McGregor sides from that same era, formed another essential body of work and didn’t get as much press as they deserved. Hats off for the welcome reissue of John Tchicai’s Afrodisica, and more treasure troves of rare and wonderful Sun Ra now available via Art Yard and Atavistic."

The Village Voice holds up the traditional end with a listing of their top 50 jazz albums and some related stories: "Did I sense in all of this a desire to kick Rollins upstairs—a move to declare him unfair competition? A poll in which he bests the nearest competition almost two to one, even with a handicap, suggests he might be. But in the months leading up to this year's presidential election, how often did we hear that an opinion poll is merely a snapshot of prevailing sentiment at any given moment?"

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