Monday, January 26, 2009

Various Artists - M For Mississippi (M For Mississippi, 2008)

This is the soundtrack to a film about two blues lovers traveling through the south looking for music like the song collectors of old. While I haven't yet seen the DVD of their journey, if the soundtrack is any indication, the blues is alive and well in Mississippi. Much like George Mitchell and others who traveled to Mississippi in search of the "authentic" blues the music these gentlemen found is raw, deep and undeniably real. This disc leads off with a rollicking version of the title track, with Big George Brock and his band digging into a deep and hypnotic groove. Fat Possum hero T-Model Ford rocks the house with a massive juke joint groove "Hip Shakin' Woman" while the anonymous Mississippi Marvel channels the spirit of John Lee Hooker with a deep and ominous "Black Mattie's Face." Listening to this disc it is really encouraging to hear not just the depth of the Mississippi blues, but the breadth: electric or acoustic, stark or joyous the music that springs from this deep soil is a treasure for us all to enjoy.
M for Mississippi -

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