Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Around the Tubes...

Big Road Blues has an excellent essay accompanying their last show dedicated to Earl Hooker called Play Your Guitar, Mr. Hooker: "Among his peers, Earl Hooker is widely considered the greatest guitarist of his generation. His wild performances attracted a loyal following wherever he went as he entertained the crowds by playing behind his back, picking the guitar with his feet or teeth or doing flips on stage without missing a note."

Destination Out has a short but sweet post featuring mp3's from Ornette Coleman's out of print LP Of Human Feelings. "“Sleep Talk” is one of the great Ornette themes, his alto arcing over the burbling double funk. Most recently recast as “Sleep Talking” on Sound Grammar, “Sleep Talk” retains a freshness that’s impervious to age. Doesn’t overstay it’s welcome, either. “Love Words” is the “ballad” of this date. You can hear the double quartet murmur sweet nothings across the divide, bridged again by Ornette."

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