Monday, March 16, 2009

Blog roundup

Pi-Recordings has a very interesting interview with saxophonist and composer Steve Lehman: (excerpt) "In terms of the connections to experimental hip-hop, I think this intense preoccupation with timbre and the “fusion” of sounds could be viewed as a pretty strong connection between these two very different areas of composition. After that, it goes without saying that the individual techniques, and, of course, the social milieu are going to be very different, for the most part. And as a consequence, the resulting musics sound very different and evidence very different aesthetic affinities."
Steve Lehman -

The Blues Blogger has an article about the great harmonica player and singer Little Walter Jacobs: (excerpt) "In 1948 Little Walter hooked up with Muddy Waters, and while playing in the Chicago clubs, helped define electric blues. Walter played the amplified harmonica by holding a small microphone in his cupped hands, and achieved a saxophone like sound that expressed his highly creative improvisations. Walter’s ground-breaking playing and distinguishing sound contributed deeply to Muddy’s recordings of the early 1950’s."
Little Walter -

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