Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Blog roundup

Destination Out takes a fascinating look at the most controversial Pat Metheny album, Zero Tolerance for Silence: The curious case of Pat Metheny, noise artist. Yeah, you read that right. Although best known for his glass-smooth popular jazz fusion with the Pat Metheny Group, he has another side that surfaces from time-to-time in collaborations with musicians like Ornette Coleman and Derek Bailey. But this 1994 solo guitar joint is where Metheny really lets his experimental jones rip. It makes Song X sound like New Chautauqua.
Pat Metheny -

The latest essay on Big Road Blues is a mix of things, including tributes to John Cephas and Snooks Eaglin: Snooks Eaglin passed away on February 18th. In true New Orleans fashion he was given a full jazz funeral send off. I first encountered Snooks via his terrific Black Top Records of the late 1980’s and 90’s. After the label’s demise Snooks only recorded one more album, The Way It Is, in 2001 which happens to be one of my favorites. Fans of Snooks’ later electric records may be surprised that his earliest records (1958-1959) which are all acoustic. From that period we spin the charming “Country Boy Down In New Orleans” from the wonderful Snooks Eaglin: The Sonet Blues Story album of the same name on Arhoolie.
Snooks Eaglin -
Cephas and Wiggins -

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