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The Hunter: A Parker Novel The Hunter: A Parker Novel by Richard Stark

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They left him for dead, gutshot in a burning building. But they didn't make sure he was really gone and that was their fatal mistake. Because when the criminal is Parker, hell hath no fury. Tracking the double-crossers to New York City, leaving a trail of bodies in his wake, Parker wants the man who set him up, and when that isn't good enough, he decides to take on the whole east coast mob - solo. So begins one of the greatest series in post-war crime fiction, Stark's (aka Donald Westlake) great anti-hero, Parker. I had read some of the later novels in the series out of order, and was thrilled when University of Chicago Press announced it was going to bring the older ones back into print. Slightly oversized paperbacks with classy, stylish artwork, these are well done and respectful reissues. Stark's style has the clipped tenacity of his noir forebears, but is already coming into it's own. Parker is a towering creation, the unstoppable criminal who makes women flush with desire and men shake with fear. The term is overused these days, but truly, this is a classic.

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