Thursday, April 02, 2009

Don Cherry - Live at the Cafe Montmartre 1966, Vol. 3 (ESP, 2009)

This is the third and presumably final disc of officially released recordings of the much bootlegged radio broadcasts of trumpeter Don Cherry made at the famous Danish jazz club. He is accompanied by Gato Barbieri on tenor sax, Bo Stief on bass, Karl Berger on vibraphone, and Aldo Romano on drums. After leaving Ornette Coleman's band in the mid 1960's, recorded some interesting projects for the Blue Note label, one of which being "Complete Communion" which is performed here. The group takes an interesting approach to performing, instead of using disparate songs, the group uses themes and melodies as a jumping off point for a continuous improvisation. The improvisation ebbs and flows through the different parts of the "Complete Communion" suite, incorporating aspects of collective group improvisation and soloing. The second performance, called "Remembrance", follows the same pattern by flowing from theme to theme and even incorporating some bebop into the mix, as if to show that Cherry wasn't the fire breathing radical that some critics had made him out to be. The music throughout the disc remains interesting and exciting throughout. Berger's vibraphone playing adds an interesting touch, giving the music an open feel akin to Bobby Hutcherson's classic Blue Note's like Oblique and Dialogue.
Live at Cafe Montmartre 1966, Vol. 3 -

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