Sunday, April 12, 2009

Nathan Davis - '65 - '72 (Jazzman, 2009)

Born on the jazz hotbed of Kansas City, MO, saxophonist, flautist and composer Nathan Davis stayed on in Europe after his service there in the U.S. Army and had opportunities to perform with other expatriate jazzmen and heavy hitters like Woody Shaw and Larry Young. He make several interesting records that combined hard bop, bebop and soul jazz with just a hint of the influence of John Coltrane, especially in his soprano saxophone playing. The music on this compilation of his early recordings (most of which are out of print) is pretty interesting - Davis' soprano saxophone has a hypnotic swirling sound that is unique and consistently appealing. His flute playing is sweet and nimble without being cloying. Fans of mainstream jazz who missed Davis' music the first time around will find this compilation interesting, he has his own voice, and a deep love of the traditions of the music. After this period of his career, Davis would embark on a successful career as an educator while still performing as a bandleader and a collaborator.
'65-76 -

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