Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Rob Mazurek - Sound Is (Delmark, 2009)

Cornetist and composer Rob Mazurek is living in Brazil these days, but he still has strong connections the Chicago area and the Delmark label. The album title also alludes to one of Delmark's most famous releases, Roscoe Mitchell's highly regarded Sound LP. Joining him on this album are: Matthew Lux on bass guitar, Josh Abrams on acoustic bass, and Jason Adasiewicz on vibes, and John Herndon on drums. This is a very interesting album, with a lot of shifts and turns of shading and cinematic color. The two bass lineup offers some interesting possibilities and Mazurek's writing makes the most of it. With the two basses in a state of quantum flux and the vibes ringing and cornet punching through with well timed commentary, it makes for a unique and beguiling sound. "As if an Angel Fell from the Sky" and "The Earthquake Tree" are vibrant compositions the build nicely from a resonating low end and higher pitched vibes. Mazurek's cornet swoops and smears the music making for an almost futuristic vision of what jazz can be - this is the music of possibilities, full of intrigue. Some of the slower pieces have a noirish sensibility running through them, it would be interesting to hear this band score a film, perhaps some type of futuristic dystopian crime film. I liked this album quite a bit, the dusky sound of the twin basses and the beguiling sound of the vibraphone, which resonates through the music like ripples through a pond creates memorable and unusual sound textures.
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