Thursday, April 23, 2009

Tony Malaby - Paloma Recio (New World Records, 2009)

Tenor saxophonist and composer Tony Malaby is one of the more interesting inside-outside bandleaders and improvisers playing today, combining the structured improvisation of the jazz tradition and the energy and drive of free improvisation. On this disc, he is joined by Ben Monder on guitar, Eivind Opsvik on bass and Nasheet Waits on drums. The music has an interesting and wide open sound, beginning with "Obambo" a fast paced, excellent opener with strong playing and a little overblowing for emphasis. "Lucedes" and "Hidden" have a slow moving dreamlike feel - slow, probing and abstract. "Alenchinsky" features long eerie wails of saxophone over insistent nervous drumming; building to a fast paced section with stinging guitar and strong sax, climaxing in intense overblowing. A couple of short improvisations, "Boludos," with unusual brush strokes of guitar and streaks of sax and "Puppets" with bass and sax probe builds to the culminating moment of the album, "Loud Dove," fast paced strong jazz, featuring bowed bass, and exciting collective improvisation. Slowly unfolding collaborative sound painting it's the musical equivalent of time-lapse photography of a flower opening. I liked this album quite a bit, the intuitive interaction of the musicians and the coiled energy of the music made it consistently interesting and engaging.
Paloma Recio -

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