Thursday, May 14, 2009

Odds and Ends

WBGO has launched a new web site for their new program The Checkout with podcasts and RSS feeds: The Checkout is an hour-long music magazine hosted by WBGO Special Projects Producer Josh Jackson. The program is also available as a podcast. The multimedia show features what’s new in the New York jazz scene. The Checkout includes a dedicated website with on-demand content, including featured new music selections, sessions from the WBGO performance studio, as well as interviews and experiences recorded in the studio or on location throughout the New York area. New York Times music critic, Ben Ratliff, will also join Josh to discuss new releases, reissues, and newly discovered or unearthed music.

Destination Out has an interesting post with mp3's about Carla Bley and the Jazz Composers Orchestra: So this is what, exactly? Too knotty for post-bop. Too compositional for free improv. Not harmolodic enough to be mistaken for Ornette. Not skronky enough to have been released on ESP. Not aggressively avant, but slyly off-kilter. It’s achingly lovely one moment, and heedlessly unsettled the next. In short, too weird for most traditionalists and too seemly for most noiseniks.

Big Road Blues shines a light on some lost figues of the blues in their show notes to a program called Forgotten Blues Heroes - Country Blues: As the blues historian Paul Oliver wrote: “Throughout the Sixties, it seemed there was one ‘discovery’ or ‘rediscovery’ of a blues singer after another; a succession of methodical searches, happy accidents and dramatic events which brought not only a number of legendary figures to life, but also revealed that the wealth of talent in the black traditions had been even greater than might have been supposed.”

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