Saturday, June 20, 2009

Gutbucket - A Modest Proposal (Cuneiform, 2009)

Located at the intersection of free jazz and indie rock, Gurbucket makes exciting and pithy instrumental music which draws energy and inspiration from both of those camps. Consisting of Eric Rockwin on bass, Ken Thomson on saxophones, Ty Citerman on guitar and Adam D. Gold on drums, the band performs all original compositions on this disc. Rockwin and Gold are locked in tight throughout the album, laying down a massive bottom end for the guitar and saxophone to run wild over, whether on is the slurring proto-metal of the opening "Head Goes Thud" which stomps around like a dinosaur or the ripping free jazz of "Brain Born Outside of Its Head." The music is not just flat out blasting, there is actually quite a bit of subtlety if you listen for it. The performances are consise without being clipped and never overstay their welcome. The interaction between the musicians is quite tight, and the performances (many of which apparently were through composed) are intricate with the musicians working very well together. For music fans who enjoy either progressive rock or exploratory jazz, I think there is a lot to like here. This is another winner from Cuneiform, they seem to revel in blurring the lines between different musical genres, not getting caught up in dogmatic views of music, but merely releasing music determined on merit. Long may they do so.
A Modest Proposal -

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