Monday, July 13, 2009

Matt Wilson - That’s Gonna Leave a Mark (Palmetto, 2009)

If there is one thing that sets drummer Matt Wilson’s music apart from the rest of his peers, it is the impish sense of joy that comes forth in his music. The musicians sound like they are having a blast and that feeling is infectious for the listener as well. Along for the ride are Andrew D’Angelo on alto saxophone and bass clarinet, Jeff Lederer on tenor saxophone and Chris Lightcap on bass. “Shooshabuster” opens the album with an uptempo alto saxophone having a fast and energetic feel. Wilson and Lightcap push the music hard. “Arts and Crafts” swings hard with a strutting backbeat and a confident tenor saxophone solo. A funky drum beat lays down a fine foundation for some excellent bass clarinet on “Rear Control.” The cover of “Two Bass Hit” is a massive strutting version of the bebop classic with strong bass and killing drums whipping the music along. Lederer takes a swinging tenor solo that is strong and hot. “Area Man” makes the music even hotter, with strutting high energy honking with massive bass and drum support. Wilson has drawn inspiration from garage and punk rock in the past and he does again here on “Area Man” and on “That’s Gonna Leave a Mark” which is a two minute blast of gleeful energy. “Celibate Oriole” is also a winner with some great riffing by all the horns and a hot free-bop tenor saxophone solo. As important as the horns are for the success of this album, is is the bass and drums that provide the music with the boost that allows them to reach to the stratosphere. This is exciting, fun and thoroughly enjoyable music that will definitely be there then the best albums of the year are tallied in December.
That's Gonna Leave a Mark -

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