Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Trespass Trio - …was there to illuminate the night sky… (Clean Feed, 2009)

Viewed as a way for the members of the band (Martin Kuchen on alto and baritone saxophones, Per Zanussi on bass and Raymond Strid on drums) to speak out collectively through their art against war and injustice, this is a corrosive and powerful blast of strong free jazz. The band has a very open ended sound, and alternates in-your-face burning uptempo improvisations with moody and abstract musical meditations. "Like a Drum" opens the album with somber and fractured bowed bass and percussion, which leads into "Sad Salsa in F" which builds slowly with long saxophone tones and spacious percussion. "Zanussi Times" shakes off any torpor that may have built up with a very hitting and fast paced collective improvisation. After a nice solo feature for the dedicatee, the trio reconvenes for a scalding finish of primal and very exciting music. Kuchen breaks out the baritone saxophone for "Walking the Dead" which has a haunting slow improvisation for droning baritone and bowed bass. "...Was There to Illuminate the Night Sky..." is a raw and scraggly improvisation with unadorned saxophone leading the way. As a cry of pain and anger, the over the top energy is very impressive. The near manic pace continues with "Strid Comes" which is a skull crushing free improvisation wrapped around an up-front and immediate sounding drum solo. "The Indispensable Warlords" slows the pace to mid-tempo, with pulsing bass and world weary saxophone playing over subtle brush work. "... Was There To Illuminate The Night Sky... September Take" is a bonus track with a raw and boiling sound, wide open free jazz that is potent, yet exhilarating. The Trespass Trio shake an angry fist on this album, and I hope people listen. These musicians clearly take their role as artists very seriously and they have produced music that demands to be heard. The music presented here is both exciting and thought provoking.
...Was There To Illuminate The Night Sky...

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