Saturday, August 01, 2009

Buffalo Collision - (duck) (Screwgun, 2009)

Buffalo Collision is a new collaboration led by alto saxophonist Tim Berne, joined by pianist Ethan Iverson and drummer Dave King of The Bad Plus and cellist Hank Roberts. Consisting of three wide open and lengthy improvisations, the group gets many different textures and feelings during the three lengthy performances. Although Iverson and King normally play in pithy pop like settings in The Bad Plus they acquit themselves very well to the wide open setting here, and the sound of Roberts' eerie swooping cello and Berne's tart and sweeping alto make for a very alluring sound. Three lengthy performances are freely improvised and move from scalding fast and furious collective improvisation to abstract and haunting slower sections. The soundscapes evoked are consistently interesting and the passion and intelligence of the musicians involved makes the music consistently interesting.
(duck) -

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