Thursday, August 13, 2009

Flow Trio - Rejuvenation (ESP, 2009)

It is quite appropriate that this open ended trio is recording for ESP Records, as the sound of the group is reminiscent of perhaps ESP's most famous record, saxophonist Alber Ayler's Spiritual Unity recorded in 1964. This open ended group is grounded in the past of this famous recording and the thoroughly modern present and consists of Louie Belogenis on tenor saxophone, Joe Morris on bass and Charles Downs on drums. The album opens with "Reflection" with slow and spare saxophone at its center. The music is probing and mournful like an open wound. "Slow Cab" begins with bass and the trio slowly fills in building an intimate vibe like a conversation amongst close friends or relations. "Pick Up Sticks" gets things moving a little more quickly with a fast and raw improvisation. It's heady stuff, nervous and unadorned free jazz which works in a bass interlude and a fractured drum solo. "Two Acts" opens with the trio improvising collectively in a fast, strong and dexterous manner. Nice deep and wild playing, hinting at Ayler and featuring Morris stepping up with a deep thick tone on bass. "Unfolding" keeps the pace strong with corrosive saxophone and elastic bass playing off of Downs' nimble drumming. This was an enjoyable and exciting album, the group plays very well together bringing their diverse energies and musical conceptions together and working toward a common goal.
Rejuvenation -

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