Friday, August 14, 2009

Jim Black's Alasnoaxis - Houseplant (Winter and Winter, 2009)

Jim Black leads from the drum kit on this album, joined by Hilmar Jensson on guitar, Skuli Sverrisson on bass and Chris Speed on saxophones. The group takes a very democratic and collective approach to music, working together and blending their sounds in the search for unique texture and feeling. The music itself is built in layers, stratified one atop the next making for an unusual and accessible sound-scape. Although there are solo sections, selfless collective playing and improvising are the key to the music's success. With all the discussion in the jazz blogosphere recently about attracting younger listeners to jazz and improvised music, this is a group that should be taken seriously as an example of how to do it. Blending the improvisation of jazz with the energy and passion of indie rock, they move beyond genre and have the ability to appeal to all types of music fans.
Houseplant -

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