Monday, September 21, 2009

Sam Rivers on NPR

One of my favorite musicians, Sam Rivers, was featured in both NPR with an article and a radio feature:
"Rivers is a giant of modern jazz. His distinctive saxophone and flute playing made themselves heard in the mid-1960s in Boston and New York. In the '70s, he helped create Manhattan's Loft Jazz scene — inviting some of the era's most innovative musicians and their fans into his home for performances, and spurring others to do the same."
NPR's Blog Supreme chines in as well:
"I'm a little bit of a huge Sam Rivers fan. I once interviewed him for over two hours about his career, and helped put on his trio in concert (a reunion of the 1970s group with Dave Holland and Barry Altschul, FWIW). His music is a complete universe within itself, and that he's experienced a career rebirth since moving out of New York -- what a great story."