Sunday, November 15, 2009

Link Dump

Don't miss the wonderful interview with Albert "Tootie" Heath conducted by Ethan Iverson of The Bad Plus:
"But when I was young, I followed my ear and heart. There’s a kind of divine intervention that helps. Alan Dawson always said that it was 90% rudiments and 10% divine intervention! That was his philosophy, and it makes a lot of sense. That divine intervention is what I always relied on, and how I was able to create a unique conglomerate of everything, rudiments included. Whenever I sit down to play, I’m quiet for a couple of seconds. Then I ask permission from the ancestors to allow me to do these things that have already been done."
Writer and saxophonist Chris Kelsey blogs about the importance of a practice regimen:
"My sound cer­tainly suf­fered in my early years in the city, mostly because I felt inhib­ited from play­ing as strong as I would’ve liked. I recorded every note I played back then. Today I can’t lis­ten to those tapes. My play­ing suf­fered from a paucity of sound that dri­ves me crazy today. You per­form the way you prac­tice. I prac­ticed wimpy. I was a wimp. I prob­a­bly should’ve been flip­pin’ the bird to my neigh­bors all those years and prac­ticed as loud and as often as I liked. Unfor­tu­nately for my sax play­ing, I never could shake my, um … excessively-considerate nature."
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