Thursday, November 12, 2009

Zevious - After the Air Raid (Cuneiform, 2009)

Zevious is a strong guitar, bass and drums trio that takes the hard edged fusion on seventies stalwarts like The Mahavishnu Orchestra and Tony Williams Lifetime and combines it with the post-modern aesthetic of progressive rock and modern jazz. Consisting of Mike Eber on guitar, Johnny DeBlase on bass and Jeff Eber on drums, the band is very tight and turns on a dime, using intricate arrangements and improvisatory exploration to make their point. The band makes a high impact at speed, and tracks in the beginning of the album set a frenetic pace with "Where's the Captain" and "Coma Cluster" bringing stinging interplay between the three interplay to the fast paced material. They end the album nicely, with a punk-jazz song called "Glass Tables" that should appeal to open eared music fans on the pop and jazz sides of the listening spectrum. It is not all modern fusion however, the band also uses some moody soundscapes to good effect on the title song and the ominous composition "The Ticket That Exploded," presumably named after the William Burroughs novel of the same name. I liked this album, it felt like the musicians worked really hard gigging and woodshedding to carve a unique space in the crowded musical firmament.
After The Air Raid -

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