Saturday, December 26, 2009

Bobby Previte - Pan Atlantic (Palmetto, 2009)

Drummer Bobby Prevites's album is unusual, but in a good way. Joined by Gianluca Petrella on trombone, Wolfgang Puschnig on alto and baritone saxophone, Benoit Delbecq on electric piano and Nils Davidsen on bass, they are sometimes brawny and emotional when the saxophone in in charge, at other times cold and metallic. This gives the group the ability to move through a wide range of emotions and moods. "Deep Lake" opens the album with bass and drums improvising with shimmering electric piano that sounds like vibes. Squealing sax comes in to probe the depths of the performance, sounding strong and oblique. Pulsing electric bass and mysterious rhodes accents make for a eerie and cinematic sounding middle passage. Strong and potent tenor saxophone opens "Stay On Path" with ominous sounding drums and phosphorescent electric piano. Strutting trombone enters and then the horns harmonize before Puschnig breaks free once again for a nice free-ish tenor solo. "The Eternity" has strutting horns and drums, giving the music a touch of funk, and again some nice solos from the front line musicians. "Destruction" is mid-tempo and enigmatic, the horns are featured in an unaccompanied section, and a section featuring rhodes and bass. Funky sounding drums open "Pan Atlantic" before cool electric piano framed by drums takes charge. A free-bop saxophone solo and rumbling drums feature round out the performance. Low, rolling trombone and rhodes mark "Question Mark" before Puschnig comes in with a patient and thoughtful solo. The shimmering and occasionally clanking rhodes adds an extra dimension to the music that sounds like movie msuic at times. Hopefully these guys will get a chance to score an atmospheric film noir in the near future. Fender rhodes electric piano and trumpet make for a haunting combination with their enigmatic musical statements on a few tunes. Pan Atlantic -

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