Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Pete McCann - Extra Mile (Nineteen-Eight Records, 2009)

Guitarist Pete Mcann plays thoughtful, up to the minute modern jazz on this album, accompanied by John O'Gallagher on alto saxophone, Henry Hey on piano, Matt Clohesy on bass and Mark Ferber on drums. "Fielder's Choice" opens the album with a mid tempo swinger, while the following track, "Isosceles" builds to a fast tempo with stinging guitar and propulsive drumming, making way for a strong burning sax solo. "Stasis" and "Extra Mile" are fast paced and urgent performances, with McCann spitting out lightning runs and propelled by agile bass and drums, while "Pi" is a nice change of pace with acoustic guitar front and center, and center with a mild and pleasing tone. The ballad "Tributary," a pleasant easy paced ballad, is played carefully and not rushed. "Angry Panda" has an urgent faster pace, and a storming exciting guitar solo which has a very appealing sound. "Hybrid" has a strong uptempo feel with deep guitar strong exciting sax solo. "Rhodes Less Traveled" ends the album on a slightly funky note, with Hey switching to electric piano, and the band taking on a sound akin to classic Weather Report. Their sound is intricate, and somewhat reminiscent of the Kurt Rosenwinkel/Mark Turner Quintet that recorded earlier in the decade, or the music that Mark Musillami has made for his Playscape label. Extra Mile - amazon.com

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