Monday, January 11, 2010

Eberhard Weber - Yellow Fields (ECM 1976, 2010)

Bassist Eberhard Weber formed his Colors group in the wake of his debut album with ECM, The Colors of Chole. Looking the leave the American blues 'n' bop approach to jazz for a more European approach, Weber recorded this album, Yellow Fields (the first album of a trilogy collected in this boxed set) with Charlie Mariano on soprano saxophone, shenai and nagaswaram, Rainer Bruninghaus on keyboards and Jon Christensen on drums. The music recorded on this album has a very ethereal sort of drifting and dreamy feel to it. Mellow, much like the early Pat Metheny albums on ECM, which may have taken this disc as inspiration. Weber's bubbling bass is the point by which the music rotates and Mariano's swirling saxophone and the electric keyboard touches of Bruninghaus create a unique and light sound world. Keyboards, light and nimble percussion pinched sound of the vaguely middle eastern sounding shenai makes "Sand-Glass" a unique highlight with musical texture that was unique. This group succeeded in creating a sound that wasn't beholden to anything else, but took the electronics from fusion groups like Weather Report, and a European approach to jazz pioneered by the likes of Jan Garbarek and made them into their own sound. Colours -

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