Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Gebhard Ullman - Don't Touch My Music Vol. 2 Don't Touch My Music Vol. 2 (Not Two, 2009)

This second album of two recorded to mark Ullman's fiftieth birthday, recorded live in concert at Alchemia, Krakow on October 22, 2007, features Gebhard Ullmann on bass clarinet and tenor saxophone, Julian Arguelles on soprano and baritone saxophones, Steve Swell on trombone John Hebert on bass and Gerald Cleaver on drums. "Don't Touch Our Music" has a wide open feel at a medium tempo, with Ullman's tenor saxophone setting a deep seated and bluesy feel. A fat sounding trombone interlude struts through as well. "Das Blaue Viertel" has rumbling bass and a nice up-tempo full band improvisation. Horns riff excitingly, giving way to flashy drumming. "Kleine Figuren No. 1" features slow and spacious bass and light, open drumming in a duet format, twisting time elastically. Horns enter the fray around the five minute mark, building to fast paced and exciting free improvisation. "No New Ness" has a choppy feel with bass clarinet and saxophone building a loud - soft dynamic into the music. There is a section of quiet improvisation, led by Cleaver's deft brushwork. Swell then breaks free with a sputtering trombone solo, gaining speed to the finish line. "Kreuzberg Park East" wraps up the album with gentle improvisation building freely in open space with the horns bubbling through the bass and drums. This was a very good live album, the musicians played an open ended jazz based in the free-bop of the 1960's but completely modern sounding and relevant to today. I would love to visit the Alchemia Club one day, the music that has been recorded there is just a who's who of modern jazz. Don't Touch My Music Vol. 2 - amazon.com

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