Friday, January 08, 2010

Nate Chinen

There were a couple of interesting articles in today's New York Times by one of their regular jazz correspondents, Nate Chinen. First, he uses a look an upcoming winter jazz festival to gauge the wider health of the music:

"What then does the festival’s roster say about jazz at the start of this new decade? Mostly that the aesthetic center of the music has broadened and loosened, yielding to many different strategies of rhythm, harmony and texture. A dozen years ago it might have made sense to call this a cross-genre approach, but that very notion now feels quaint."

He also has a review of saxophonist Chris Potter's Underground band, caught live during a week long run at the Village Vanguard.

"The group features Adam Rogers on electric guitar, Craig Taborn on Fender Rhodes piano and Nate Smith on drums. Their style is rugged but adaptable, with equal emphasis on power and precision. The music in Tuesday’s first set ranged from a rustling stir to an engine-revving din, with each band member clearly attuned to the output of the whole."

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