Sunday, February 14, 2010

Dave King - Indelicate (Sunnyside, 2010)

Pianist Ethan Iverson assures us in his funny blog post that he is the true pianist of the jazz band The Bad Plus, not his colleague, drummer Dave King. But King is a good piano player in his own right, and he shows those skills on this solo LP. His piano attack has some of the heavy percussive nature of Iverson's TBP work at times, especially on the opening track "Werewolf and the Silver Bullet," where piano and drums wage a full out attack that is very exciting. Most of the tracks are pretty short, and the album itself is a digestible LP length. "Homage: Young People" and "Bees also keep the pace moving along briskly, adding a little touch of electronics at times for added color. I downloaded this album from, and don't have access to liner notes, so I'm not sure if King played all of the instruments himself and overdubbed them or if other musicians were involved. "Highly Varnished Academic Realism" has strong piano over a funky beat, with an abstract percussive interlude, and "Arts High Boogie" builds to a dynamic and exciting conclusion. This album was a lot of fun to listen to, it draws from the open ended dynamism that makes The Bad Plus so much fun to listen to, but filters it through Kings own musical vision to good effect. Indelicate -

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