Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Jerry Bergonzi - Three For All (Savant, 2010)

This was a well played album of strong muscular modern jazz rooted in the fertile soil of the trio recordings Sonny Rollins made in the 1950's and 60's. Joining tenor saxophonist Bergonzi in the core trio are Dave Santoro on bass and Andrea Michelutti on drums. The added space on the trio tracks leaves room for some nice solos from Bergonzi and the bass player. The music on tracks like "Crop Circles" is lean and lithe, and the improvisations are concise and well constructed. Bergonzi either overdubs himself on the melodies of a couple of tracks or has a second saxophonist harmonizing with him, and a pianist joins the group to comp and add a little context on a few of the tracks. "Obama" has a nice mid-tempo feel, with some patient and thoughtful improvising. Bergonzi's tenor frolicks in the open space, while the bass and drums lock in making a tight pocket. "End of the Mayan Calendar" changes things up a bit, with yearning saxophone probing through open space, and recalling early sixties John Coltrane performances like "Spiritual" and "Wise One." Three for All -

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