Friday, March 19, 2010

Christian Scott - Yesterday You Said Tomorrow (Concord, 2010)

Trumpeter Christian Scott has become of the most talked about mainstream jazz musicians, creating quite a buzz over the course of three earlier albums. For this album he enlisted the legendary Rudy Van Gelder to engineer the disc, and his band consists of Matthew Stevens on guitar, Milton Fletcher, Jr. on piano, Kristopher Keith Funn on bass and Jamire Williams on drums. The group mines some deeply textured sounds, and Scott's trumpet is very interesting. He never tries to be overly muscular and overwhelms the groups bus co-exists within the ensemble. Scott also focuses some of his compositions on social issues, reflecting issues he has faced as an individual and issues the country as a whole is facing. "K.K.P.D." written after a nasty racial profiling incident, opens with a guitar and drum soundscape with fast and nimble drumming. Williams ever shifting energy makes this track, and he plays very well throughout the album. Scott's trumpet slithers into the mix and builds to a punchy conclusion over some killing drumwork. "Angola, LA & The 13th Amendment" opens with strummed guitar and strong trumpet playing. Stevens takes a well paced liquid toned guitar solo, before Scott returns with one of his more powerful solos. "The American't" features more of Williams powerful drumming, with Scott's trumpet making stark declarative statements. This isn't just a one-dimensional protest album however, there are other tracks of note. His cover of Thom Yorke's "The Eraser" is particularly interesting, starting with ominous keyboards and trumpet making for a yearning and slightly melancholy hook. The track evolves with a moody subtlety that is indicative of most of the music on this album. Yesterday You Said Tomorrow -

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