Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Empirical - Out 'n' In (Naim, 2010)

Inspired by the groundbreaking music of the legendary multi-instrumentalist Eric Dolphy, British modern jazz band Empirical used compositions from Dolphy's classic album Out to Lunch as a springboard to examine his musical legacy and their own musical influences on this album. Consisting of Nathaniel Facey on alto saxophone, Julian Siegel on bass clarinet and tenor saxophone, Lewis Wright on vibraphone, Tom Farmer on bass and Shaney Forbes drums, Empirical mines a very exciting inside/outside sound and conception, much like Dolphy's own. They cover two compositions from the Out to Lunch album, the angular Thelonious Monk tribute "Hat and Beard" and the tender and lyrical "Gazzelloni." The focus of the album is the band's original compositions, starting with "Out But In" with the impact of the sharp cornered music being felt in the raw-boned saxophone and ringing vibes. "Dolphyus Morpheus" is the lynch pin of the album, combining Empirical's thoroughly modern conception of post-bop jazz with Dolphy's breakthroughs and the angular momentum of his best music. Out 'N' In - amazon.com

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