Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Interesting reading

Ethan Iverson of The Bad Plus has posted a lengthy interview with pianist and composer Cedar Walton:
(excerpt) "I always tried to compose - just something I would try to do. They had some of the strangest titles, you know, “Trash Can.” They weren’t that memorable, but I was trying. I was just determined to come up with something original. I just never stopped trying. By the time I got to the Messengers - when I was just leaving the Jazztet with Art Farmer and Benny Golson – I composed a piece named “Mosaic.” In just a few minutes it came to me. I was having a beer up on Central Park West at Max Roach’s apartment and this thing came to me."
Burning Ambulance is an interesting quarterly arts journal recently begun by Phillip Freeman and some other contributing writers. The first issue is focused toward avant-garde jazz and featues Freeman profiling and interviewing Matthew Shipp, along with an annotated discography (from a fans perspective) of composer and instrumentalist Henry Threadgill and a session log of a recent recording project from trumpeter Bill Dixon.
(excerpt: Freeman on Shipp) "In the last few years, he’s made a point of throwing deliberately provocative quotes into his interviews at every opportunity. He’s done it with me, describing the Ware quartet as “infinitely superior to” Wayne Shorter’s group in a 2007 interview for the Village Voice, repeating it twice and making sure to tell me the line was for attribution, and saying of Keith Jarrett and Herbie Hancock (in relation to his own then-new, now-disbanded trio) in Jazziz in 2009, “They’re relics. We are why the music lasts right now. What this album represents is state-of-the-art piano trio music, and somebody like Keith Jarrett or Herbie Hancock cannot get on the level that something like this is on.” He was insistent that I use that one, too."
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