Sunday, March 07, 2010

Moreland and Arbuckle - Flood Moreland and Arbuckle are Aaron Moreland on guitar and Dustin Arbuckle on harmonica and vocals. They play a high energy roots rock/blues that is akin in some ways to The Black Keys. The music hews closely to the blues but plays them in different styles, uptempo blues rock with the help of drummer Brad Homer really pulsing and pushing the music along like on the opener "Hate to See You Go." They play a blistering electric version of "The Legend of John Henry" which weds the folkloric narrative of the to a blasting roadhouse beat. The band mixes in some nice soulful numbers and acoustic blues for a well rounded sound. Fans of roots Americana music and gutbucket blues will find a lot to enjoy.

Mike LeDonne - The Groover First class straight ahead mainstream jazz from Mike LeDonne on Hammons B3 Organ, Eric Alexander on tenor saxophone, Peter Bernstein on guitar and Joe Farnsworth on drums. Just like they say on the tin, the first four performances are uptempo groovers with strong rich organ and deep swirling tenor saxophone. "Deep Blue" slows down to slow ballad tempo with washes of organ and patient probing saxophone. "Sunday in New York" is a medium tempo groove with a nice patient guitar solo and rolling organ feature. "Bopsolete" is fast paced bebop with Alexander taking a rapid and accelerated solo. LeDonne keeps the organ bubbling fast then makes way for a hot drum solo. The standard "On the Street Where You Live" has a nice flowing guitar solo and a soulful saxophone interlude. Listeners with tastes for organ and tenor work along the lines of of the template Jimmy Smith and Stanley Turrentine laid down in the 50's and 60's will be happy with the music here, it is consistently played at a high level.

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