Monday, April 12, 2010

Organissimo - Alive & Kickin' (Big O, 2010)

Taking their cue from the classic organ, guitar and drum bands of the 1950's and 60's, Organissimo is a tight and soulful ensemble consisting of Jim Alfredson on Hammond B-3 organ, Joe Gloss on guitar and Randy Marsh on drums. This is a live album that really captures the band in their element, playing cookin' soul jazz before an appreciative audience. They state their intent right off the bat with "Stomp Yo Feets" and "Clap Yo Hands," sterling funk workouts, with a touch of New Orleans R&B that features Alfredson's swirling dexterous organ and bass pedal work. "Senor Buffet" which add some elements of samba and a nod to Horace Silver and "Jimmy Smith Goes to Washington" recalls to the classic organ trio dates recorded on Blue Note and Prestige. Most of the tracks take on a medium or uptempo groove, although the elegiac "If Not Now When" and the Frank Zappa cover "Blessed Relief" slow the pace down to a gentle simmer. The epic jam "Pumpkin Pie" wraps up the album over the course of a nearly twenty minute jam, the band adds some spacey prog rock elements to give the music a different feel. This album works quite well, and should be enjoyed by fans of the classic organ guitar sound. While the band is rooted in the classic music of the past, they are adding their own spin to the music, keeping it fresh and alive.