Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Blog round-up

Nate Chinen re-prints an article on the composer and bandleader Sun Ra that he wrote for a Philadelphia area magazine last year: "So is it any wonder that in the 16 years since Sun Ra’s departure, his influence has rippled across so many borders of culture and genre? When soul-punk dynamo Janelle Monáe declares herself “an alien from outer space,” or hip-hop trickster Lil Wayne rants about being a Martian, they’re riding a wavelength best exemplified, if not generated, by the potent precedent of Sun Ra."

Ethan Iverson interviews pianist and composer Django Bates: "...Well, one thing that I think is important about the jazz isn’t just humor, but also being entertaining and putting on a show. All these musicians that you talk about—Jelly Roll or Monk or Mingus or even John Coltrane—have a deliberate and embracing outreach to the audience."

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