Thursday, May 06, 2010

Interesting Links

Jazz saxophonist Ellery Eskelin has started a new blog, filled with interesting commentary, like his thoughts about musicians who pass under the radar:
"I regret that the the history of jazz does not do better service to local scenes and players who while not well known outside of their hometowns played a great role in the development of the music. Often we read interviews with one or another of the greats who will reference a name or two of someone who greatly influenced them. Often that player was someone who did not record much if at all and not much is usually found out beyond these informal anecdotes."
Jazz journalist Peter Hum writes a very thoughtful essay about the internecine sniping that still plagues the jazz scene:
"Yes, we all resort to stylistic classifications -- despite their shortcomings -- because they are part of the unavoidable shorthand at our disposal when it comes to describing music. However, the arguments begin when jazz-lovers (and I use that term broadly) make blanket decisions about music based on stylistic and ideological considerations."
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