Saturday, July 31, 2010

Book Review: Neil Young's Greendale

I've always felt that Neil Young's Greendale was one of his most overlooked LP's and I must not be the only one because that disc has gone on to spawn a feature length film and now a graphic novel. A young woman named Sun Green is a teenager who is coming of age in the small fictional town of Greendale, California in 2003 during the time leading up to the Iraq War. She has growing feelings of anxiety about the futility of war and the environmental degradations she sees on television. As her political consciousness grows, she begins to have vivid dreams and visions about women of her family that have gone missing under mysterious circumstances. She also sees an unnamed trickster figure that lurks around the edges when things are going bad. Working through the visions and learning the background of her unusual family leads her to some startling revelations and leads her to become a bold environmental activist. This works pretty well in the comic format, the artwork has a slightly washed out look to it, which is appropriate since the story has a lot of dream elements to it. The dialogue follows the basic narrative of the album, but takes some liberties in adding some supernatural elements to the story. Overall, an interesting and thoughtfully done story with a powerful anti-war and pro environment message. Neil Young's Greendale -

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