Thursday, July 15, 2010

Mikrokolektyw - Revisit (Delmark, 2010)

Mikrokolektyw is an interesting and unusual band consisting of trumpeter Artur Majewski and drummer Kuba Suchar, that get a vibe that is not unlike Don Cherry's experimental recordings made in the 1970's. They mix acoustic sounds from their instruments with electronics like mini-moog and sampler that are sequenced in the background. Opening with "Revisit," the music features electronics and medium uptempo riffing and twisting over fast and rhythmic percussion developing a cool rhythm. Spare and haunting trumpet and electronics that sound almost like video game noises mark "Rocket Street." Mid-tempo choppy trumpet and drumming introduce "Running Without Effort" which has a spacious and open feel featuring well controlled mid-tempo trumpet. "Tiring Holiday" has rumbling fast percussion and slurred trumpet, the music moves fast in a hypnotic locomotive fashion. The duo uses their electronic backdrops in different ways, such as on "Casio" where they develop a percussive, marimba like effect to improvise against. Funky dark electronics set the stage for "Tar Man" with the duo exploring with spare trumpet and light percussion. The soundscapes developed by the musicians are interesting, and should have a broad appeal to not only open minded jazz fans but fans of electronic music looking to expand their horizions. Fans of Don Cherry's 70's music like the haunting Brown Rice LP will feel right at home here. Revisit -

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