Sunday, August 15, 2010

Around the Web

The New York Times looks at some specialty vinyl reissues of Blue Note jazz classics:
"In the jazz world one record label has attained near-mystical status among the antiquarians and the audiophiles: Blue Note, especially the albums released in its heyday, from 1955 to ’67. "
CNN gets into the act too by asking Who's still listening to vinyl?
"Most agreed that digital music is convenient, but it's not they way the song was made to be heard. Most music was and still is recorded with analog technology and does not transfer perfectly to a digital format. And since vinyl is not instantaneous -- it takes extra time and effort to play a song -- it makes you appreciate the music more than listening on an iPod does."
Thanks a lot to Ethan Iverson for including me in some pretty illustrious company during his Brief History of (jazz) Blogging.

A Blog Supreme catches up with the Father Figures, a "zombie jazz band" on tour:
"Why don't more jazz groups tour the U.S.? The simple answer is that it's hard to be paid adequately to do so; the complicated one details just how hard it is. But in the rock world, artists more frequently hit the road in the face of financial uncertainty, even along the do-it-yourself/house show/tiny venue "circuit" if necessary. Sometimes, you see jazz or jazz-influenced groups doing the same thing; sometimes, they even come out ahead."
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