Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Links of note

National Public Radio did an excellent job covering the recent Newport Jazz Festival. They have concerts for downloading and streaming, a flickr photo gallery, and reaction and commentary from A Blog Supreme.

The new issue of the webzine Point of Departure is available, including a fascinating article by editor Bill Shoemaker on how Americans view European jazz:
(excerpt) "Americans have been vigorously critiquing European Improvised Music for more than thirty years, and have authored some of the most authoritative books on the subject. While there was consensus from the outset among US critics on broad issues about the legitimacy of the music, its major figures, and its European narrative, there was always a diversity of opinion about how to weigh the accomplishments of artists within their respective communities and within a continental context."
Matt Lavelle wrote an interesting essay on the impact that Alice Coltrane's music has made on him. While the essay itself makes for an excellent read, check out the comments and the debate about not only (Alice) Coltrane's value as a musician, but the whole notion of spirituality in music.
(excerpt from Lavelle's essay, caps in original) "Coming through the house that Trane built,.she would go on to build her own house,.and then even a church in a sense.(A literal Ashram) Sometimes Blues just POURED out of her,.and that ORGAN!! She sounded like Trane sometimes with that.Then the HARP!! Alice really just opened everything up with the harp,.just WEAVING INTRICATE INFINITE tapestries of sound. Her Harp music might be from the year 5555."
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