Monday, August 23, 2010


George Colligan blogs about one of the unsung legends of modern jazz, saxophonist Gary Bartz:
"I think Gary Bartz is one of those artists like trumpeter Woody Shaw, or tenor saxophonist Billy Harper, who are overlooked by writers and historians simply because, during the 1970's, they didn't do the extreme fusion of bands like Mahavishnu Orchestra or Return To Forever."
Saxophonist Ellery Eskelin writes a fascinating post on his blog, talking about his practice regimen:
"The goal is to be able to play anything you can hear in your head. That's true freedom. And acquiring that type of freedom is a life long process. The entire time you are doing this stay completely committed to your sound and delivery."
Destination Out is re-posting some of their greatest hits, including this entry about guitarist Pat Martino:
"This album was subtitled “a psychedelic excursion through the magical mysteries of the Koran.” Ahem. Times are strange; 1968 was stranger. You can almost hear it all here: the possibility and paranoia, and the pleasure of a summer’s afternoon."
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