Friday, September 17, 2010

Interesting articles

Destination Out continues an excellent string of posts, inaugurating a new series called Lost Tones with an essay and examples from Billy Bang’s Survival Ensemble New York Collage. "Recorded live at Columbia University on May 16, 1978, the Survival Ensemble is a showcase for Bang’s talents as a soloist, leader, and composer. The stark album cover of Bang perched in a seemingly derelict building evokes the gritty feel of 1970s New York City, though the music inside is far more colorful. Although his work would mature, becoming more complex, the trademarks of his instrumental sound and compositional acumen are in place from the jump." BTW, they had a great post on the late Noah Howard too.

NPR has an excellent interview with saxophonist Bobby Watson regarding food (!) and music. (Watson) "The Gates BBQ Suite is thematically oriented around the legendary Kansas City restaurant Gates Bar B. Q. As a native Kansas Citian myself, the record combines two of my favorite things: jazz and barbecue. Watson's songs both honor Gates and wink at those who most closely know the restaurant. I recently spoke to Watson to chat about his new recording, the barbecue connection and his — our — hometown."

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