Saturday, October 30, 2010

Around the Blogs

The Burning Ambulance blog has an interesting interview with drummer Barry Altschul:
"I consider myself a jazz musician, and then I also consider myself being able to play free, so how I combine the two into one concept, I suppose, would be that to me, playing free is a matter of choices. The more choices you have, the freer you are."
Destination Out posts an obscure track from Grachan Moncur III's Echoes of a Prayer Album:
"Our key track has been “Angel’s Angel 1.” While the entire album is a balm, weaving a rich tapestry of salty horn charts and percolating percussion, this piece is where everything coalesces into an effortless groove. It’s joyful without sounding corny. It’s transporting and rooted, earthy and spiritual. We picture the angel of the title high-stepping across the sky, weighed down with gifts."
Brilliant Corners published a touching and heartfelt memorial to Boston area music prompter and enthusiast Bill Ruane:
"Another essential thing to understand about Billy. For all of his legendary public flamboyance and adventures, he really didn't like being a public focus. As he aged, he half hated to get credit for anything and really didn't like getting his mug in the paper."
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