Saturday, October 09, 2010

Blogs and links

The blog Destination Out has some fresh material available: first up, two hard to find FMP albums are newly available in their digital store, Chirps from Evan Parker and Steve Lacy and Rumbling from the Globe Unity Orchestra. D:O also presented a fascinating post from guitarist Mary Halvorson, who chose her favorite tracks by musical polymath Robert Wyatt for downloading and also spoke about Wyatt's influence on her work.
(Halvorson on Wyatt) It was one of those rare moments when you are so completely bowled over by a piece of music that you don’t know what to think. I wasn’t even sure I liked it; I was just completely freaked out. The music was so beautiful, so strange, incredibly dark, and entirely unlike anything I’d heard. That’s what I love about Wyatt’s music. He’s not weird for the sake of being weird. The music is purely his own.
The new edition of the webzine Point of Departure is available, with a number of new articles and reviews.

Congratulations to Jason Moran for being awarded a well-deserved MacArthur fellowship:
(MacArthur Announcement) Through reinterpretation of jazz standards and new compositions of his own, Moran is expanding the boundaries of jazz expression and playing a dynamic role in its evolution in the twenty-first century.