Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Kablys - Live at 11:20 (NoBusiness, 2010)

This free jazz group consisting of Liudas Mockunas on tenor, baritone and soprano saxophones, Eugenijus Kanevicius on bass and electronics and Dalius Naujokaitis drums was recorded live at the punk rock club 11:20 in Vlinius, Lithuania for this limited edition LP. The music is very fresh and exciting and the trio is locked and loaded, providing high energy music for an appreciative audience. "Hooked" opens the album with swirling saxophone moving in circular patterns and percussion moving very quickly in support. The saxophone grows caustic and raw, developing over strong bass and drum support, making for a very powerful performance. Open and spare percussion begins "Broke" sounding very free with bowed bass chiming in. Mockunas' choppy saxophone becomes quite raw, urged in by vocal exhortations, becoming a strutting honk, with percussion sliding into the action to complete a sly performance that winks at funk but stays true to avant aesthetic. "Triumph of Pagans (In Memory of The Great Zalgiris Battle 1410)" features saxophone probing against elastic bass developing into a quick and nimble improvisation with strong saxophone sailing around the bass and drums. Kanevicius' thick, loping bass provides a firm foundation for the exploratory music, which builds from a quieter section to an emotional mid-tempo conclusion. Spare probing saxophone appropriately opens "Emphasiastic (Dedicated to Jimmy Giuffre)" morphing into a light and open trio improvisation that builds an interesting musical soundscape. After an impressive open ended bass solo, the group builds an increasingly fast collective improvisation. The development is well paced and dramatic, culminating in an explosive conclusion of driving saxophone, bass and drums. "Back Door" wraps up the album with a patiently developing improvisation that has some electronically altered bass and saxophone playing long tones. The music develops nicely, gaining speed and intensity with excellent drum work. This short but exciting album was very good and filled with exciting music.I was not familiar with any of the members of the trio before hearing this, but I was quite impressed by all three. Hopefully this album will raise their profile and give them a chance to record and tour and spread their music around. Live at 11:20 - NoBusiness Records

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