Saturday, November 20, 2010

Around the web...

Destination Out's Bandcamp storefront is offering high quality digital downloads of rare jazz LP's. This week they have new offerings from the great saxophonist Noah Howard, Berlin Concert and Schizophrenic Blues. Here's their description of The Berlin Concert: "Never on CD! We're thrilled to present one of Noah Howard's rarest albums and an important missing link in his discography. This exceptional live effort showcases the many facets of his music, including muscular Coltrane-inspired workouts, maniacally energetic stomps, and Latin-inflected celebrations."

Bassist and bandleader Mario Pavone was featured on a recent episode of JazzSet. "Pavone's approach to composing is personal, as well. He writes from the bass up. His creations, some say, come out like upside-down cake: The pudding is on the bottom. The rhythm section is the core, the horns wrapping around it. He composed Arc Suite for his longtime group, Orange Double Tenor. The suite is a summation of four and a half decades in jazz, an expression of gratitude with references to his roots in the 1960s."

The British experimental journal The Wire re-prints a fascinating interview with composer saxophonist and flautist Henry Threadgill: "This is a result of that technology: the computer, the cell phone, the iPhone, people with stuff stuck in their ears. This is the result of people being totally unaware of dynamics now. And you know, you can't really be an artist and not be aware of humanity, I don't think. I don't think there have been any examples historically of any great artists that were not aware of humanity, of life on the planet. Right now, this is the most different period I've ever lived in, in my life, in terms of watching human behavior."

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